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XenForo to WordPress Bridge

Welcome to XenScripts.com XenForo to WordPress Bridge – the complete bridge solution to integrate your two communities.

Key Features:

  • Login to WordPress with your XenForo account (user authentication is entirely handled by XenForo)
  • Automatically create XenForo threads for new WordPress posts and pages
  • Store WordPress comments as thread replies on XenForo
  • Sync and display XenForo avatars within WordPress
  • Fully compatible with bambua’s WPXenCSS dynamic WordPress theme

This site is itself the best demonstration of the features, try signing up for an account on our support forum and then logging into/commenting on posts on this WordPress blog. Watch as they are synced between the two parts of the website.

Admin settings page:


  • $39.99 with a small branding link at the bottom of each WordPress page
  • $89.99 with no branding displayed at all

Please note that prices are per XenForo instance (more than one WordPress install can be linked to a single XenForo install with only one license).

Please purchase from our store with instant digital delivery.



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