XenScripts Wordpress to XenForo Bridge version 1.1 released

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jamie, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Jamie Administrator

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  2. Great news !
    Keep up the great work Jamie !
  3. Jamie Administrator

    Thanks a lot :)
  4. Brentnauer New Member

    Thanks! Can't wait to try the new version.
  5. cloferba Member

    and the roadmap and changelog?

  6. allentwright New Member

  7. rfSpa New Member

    great news...how do I update from version 1.0?
  8. Jamie Administrator

    It's as simple as copying the old files over the new ones :)
  9. rfSpa New Member

    sorry, I wasn't explained my question too well, where can I download the files? thanks
  10. Jamie Administrator

    You need to email me your old download link at holmes.jc@gmail.com and I'll update it so it will let you download the new version =)
  11. IcyHot New Member

    Sucks for me since I never kept the old download link when I bought the software
  12. ka0s New Member

    Give him the Paypal transaction number then ;)
  13. xenscriptsuser New Member

    great news! posted from forum.
  14. xenscriptsuser New Member

    Thinking about how this will affect xxx yyy
  15. lalala New Member

    This is my first comment
  16. Peter Member

    Is there a Changelog to see whats actually new ?
  17. Jamie Administrator

    No official changelog, no.
  18. Peter Member

    Is there a plan for that ?
  19. frankxd New Member

    Testing this...
  20. Brad New Member

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