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Discussion in 'Products' started by Jamie, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Jamie Administrator

  2. Dynamic New Member

    Does this addon support the multi user feature in wordpress? I would like my users to be able to create their own blogs, so I am just wondering if this will do the job.

    Also, if it does is it completely automatic? That is to say that if a user signs up, it automatically creates a blog for them to be able to post on? If so, how will that work with updating threads? Does each user get their own thread? Are they able to choose which thread gets updated?

  3. Akista New Member

    nery nice script is therea lite version? would love to test before i buy
  4. Jamie Administrator


    Thanks for the interest. It does work with WPMU, though there have been some bugs with it in later WP versions and it has not been a particularly popular feature request. If you'd like to run some tests before buying then by all means send me a PM. It doesn't create a blog for each user automatically, it is set up more in mind with you choosing which blogs you want.

    No lite version as such, but I'm willing to do previews as needed. (PM / email me).


  5. Dynamic New Member

    Hi there,

    Too late, I already purchased the script as I am in desperate need of users having blogs and patching in to the main site. I set it up, but it is not even allowing users to login to the main site using MU.

    So, I have a few questions.

    1) How do I set up xenforo to run wordpress MU along side of it? Aside from following the instructions (which I did), it does not work. I am using WP 3.3.1, should I be running an older version?

    2) How do I make it for users to be able to automatically be added to their own blogs?

    3) If you were to set it up to do all of this, what costs are we looking at? I don't have that much money, but I am willing to pay to get the thing to work how I want it to. It would be a fantastic feature to the script.

  6. steve New Member

    Test Post from Wordpress at http://xenscripts.com/xenforo-to-wordpress-bridge/
  7. steve New Member

  8. Vodkaholic New Member

    "spam" test post 123 Hi all :3

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  9. Vodkaholic New Member

    Hmm the "View attachment 27" etc.. this would be a pain in the arse on a "big" image site.

    edit = They also don't link to the image.
  10. ZippySLC New Member

  11. Probably will need some cookie modifications.
  12. Kenneth Holland New Member


    I have a few pre-sales questions so I hope I'm in the right area:

    1. On the post bridge part, is there a way for it to post just a partial post to my XenForo forum instead of full? The reason is I'm concerned about duplicate content. If I don't need to worry could someone explain? I want my Wordpress posts to be the ones indexed for this section of the forum.

    2. I know this may be hard to answer, but what do I need to look for to make sure this is compatible with my Wordpress theme ( I use Solostream ).

    Thanks. :)

  13. Jamie Administrator

    Thanks for the interest :)

    1. If you don't want to duplicate the content you currently have an option to post just the title and a link to the Wordpress page in the forum thread, would that suit? I was working on an 'abstract' function of sorts as well.

    2. If compatibility gets to be your only remaining concern then shoot me an email (holmes.jc@gmail.com) with your theme files and I'll run a quick test to see if it all seems to work.

  14. Kenneth Holland New Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Hey thanks for the reply. I actually haven't bought XF yet...probably this weekend. I'll get that first and then hit you up on this for the theme compatibility issue.

    Thanks. :)

  15. Kenneth Holland New Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Just to be clear...so right now the bridge will not post an excerpt...just a link or the full post, correct?

  16. Jamie Administrator

    Correct, the excerpt feature is not currently working.
  17. WyteMedia New Member

    I know it states users can log into Wordpress with their Xenforo accounts.

    What about Wordpress to Xenforo?
    Can somebody tell me if Wordpress accounts are automatically bridged to XenForo with this plugin?
  18. Jamie Administrator

    Wordpress accounts are no longer really a thing with this plugin, Xenforo and it's accounts are the basis for the new combined system.
  19. Smokey New Member

    Will this work if my XF and Wordpress are on two separate databases?
  20. Jamie Administrator

    Should do, although the wordpress db will be a lot less used than it currently is. If you need any help setting it up then do let me know.

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