XenForo to Wordpress Bridge

Discussion in 'Products' started by Jamie, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. xenMan New Member

    Testing if it works.....
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  2. Peter Member

    Reply test !
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  3. greenmeanie New Member

    Test 123
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  4. tikijj New Member

    Question. Did you guys get this to work with W3 Total Cache yet? I'm waiting for that fix until I get Xenforo
  5. mmoore5553 New Member

    I am just leaving this comment from cms page. I am unsure where to check to see where it goes.
  6. Goes here.
  7. dihuta New Member

    Very nice addon.
  8. Jamie Administrator

    Thanks! :)
  9. mmoore5553 New Member

    Curious if i have a subscription software would it work with it. I have emember ? ALso if i have a review plugin will it work in wordpress with xenforo name ?
  10. Jamie Administrator

    I'm afraid I'm not familiar with that wordpress plugin so I can't comment, if you're interested in the plugin and would like to run some tests together then send me a PM please :)
  11. mmoore5553 New Member

    Odd but will not let me PM you at all . I tried to start a conversation and there was not field to type msg.
  12. Jamie Administrator

    I'm told that is a bug with firefox and XenForo - can you try a different browser?
  13. mmoore5553 New Member

    Sent you msg.
  14. mmoore5553 New Member

    Odd because you have this with inline style. I do not understand though it has element that has display none. It will be vanished because of this. I am not sure why it is hard coded because you can add CSS to do it all and not cause an issue. Firefox will display it.

    <textarea style="height: 260px;" class="textCtrl MessageEditor" id="ctrl_message_html" name="message_html"></textarea>
  15. mmoore5553 New Member

    I just compared with my version XF 1.1 and it is totally different as it does not have display none and just has hardcode height and width. Are you running latest version as it appears to be fixed.
  16. Marco Famà New Member

    Dear all,
    can anyone from you who purchased the cheaper version of the license show me his integration on his website? I would like to see how the "little xenscripts branding" looks like :)

  17. ChazUK New Member

    Hey, I was wondering if this works with BuddyPress.
  18. See your other post.

    There are no reports of conflicts or success !
  19. raza New Member

    just testing.....
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  20. Marco Famà New Member

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