XenForo to Wordpress Bridge

Discussion in 'Products' started by Jamie, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Jamie Administrator

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  2. Jamie Administrator

    Example comment to demonstrate sync
  3. Pro New Member

  4. smile.xenscripts.jpg

    • Login integration - works super well.
    • Logout integration - works super well.
    • Bambua's XenDynamic works great. :)
  5. So happy with this !!
  6. Double Wow !!
  7. Jamie Administrator

    Thanks! I'm very pleased to hear you're happy with it.
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  8. xeninxenforo New Member

    This plugin without the link costs 64% of the entire xenforo forum (which includes upgrades for a year and support). Does this plugin include free upgrades in the future?
  9. Jamie Administrator

    Yes, the price will include access to any updates I make in the future (some small updates have already been published).
  10. $39.99 Bridge
    $89.99 Bridge + Branding Removal.

    My feeling is these prices are too cheap !

    Really ... It is hard to say if these are great prices. Bridges are by their nature relatively unstable things. If there are changes in either of the software packages ... the bridges can fail. If this bridge works well and keeps up with Wordpress and Xenforo changes .... it is severely under priced. Good support for Bridges is definitely worth paying for !
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  11. Forum Lover New Member

    Will it work upcoming stable xF 1.1 version?
  12. Hoffi New Member

    Will I win one Million Euro in Lottery?

    What kind of question du you ask? In current Beta it works. But no one knows what the changes are, that comes with the stable 1.1 . How can someone say: Yes, it works?
  13. Jamie Administrator

    As Hoffi points out it seems to work fairly well with the xF 1.1 versions so far, so I have high hopes it will continue to do so. Obviously if it doesn't then I will publish an update with any fixes needed.

    Thanks for your interest
  14. Forum Lover New Member

    I got your point Hoffi, the reason I ask, I want to make sure our Jamie is very much alive. :p

    I have seen many developer, they develop nice addon, then there is no support on time. I am sorry if I sound that stupid.
  15. Jamie Administrator

    That's a very reasonable concern, and I entirely understand why you asked. I can assure you that I will be working on this add on to add XF1.1 support where needed.
  16. Hoffi New Member

    @Forum Lover: Yea, I know this. actually i throw off all Geek stuff l ike GARS for vB etc. - wated many time and money.
  17. madaroda New Member

    Vamos a ver si esto funciona bien. Es uso del foro la unica manera pare registrar?

    <i>Loco suelto</i>
  18. madaroda New Member

    Cool product. Congrats.

    Is the only way a Wordpress user can register is through the forum? Is there a way to register using xenforo's registration system right in Wordpress/

    Also, are HTML tags shut off?
  19. Jamie Administrator

    Hi, thanks for your interest. Currently the only way to register is with the XF system, but all registration links in wordpress are automatically redirected. HTML tags depend on your security settings within XenForo (so turned off by default, yes).
  20. Crispy75 New Member

    This could well be the hole-in-one product we're looking for! Good work :)
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