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Discussion in 'Questions' started by Damien, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Damien New Member

    Hi there, great add on!

    Any information on conflicts with popular caching plugins for large wordpress sites? I have a high traffic frontpage that needs that sort performance boost, hopefully this bridge is compatible with them! :)
  2. Jamie Administrator


    Thanks for your message. As far as I'm aware at the moment plugins like W3 Total Cache unfortunately aren't compatible, because they require the default Wordpress cookie which we don't use. I'm planning on taking a look at this for a future version, but it will be a significant change. Depending on what kind of caching it is you want I have been informed that the memcache plugin is compatible, but that does achieve a slightly different purpose.

    Best Wishes
  3. Jamie Administrator

    An update here. I actually have a version in testing now that should have support for W3 Total Cache. Hopefully if the testing goes well I will have an official announcement to make about it soon.
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  4. Hoffi New Member

    That would be great. I use CDN for Forum and Blog atm, and during the move to XF next month i want to use it further.
  5. Damien New Member

    Awesome, having caching enabled would be a bonus! :)
  6. Damien New Member

    Any luck with your testing? :D

    The plugin runs excellent by the way on the latest 1.1 beta 4 xenforo, wordpress comments have picked up surprisingly with the avatars being shown now for 9000 members (wordpress based video site). It was well worth it, and makes everything look even more integrated :cool:
  7. Jamie Administrator

    I'm glad you're happy with it so far! Caching is something I'm still working on, but sadly proving more complicated than I'd hoped. I'll be sure to post an announcement if I can get something working.

  8. Damien New Member

    I've found a nice little caching plugin that seems compatible with your plugin, and claims that is does a better job then W3 and co. My overall server load has decreased, and as I pass 140,000 "frontpage" visitors a month (and near 9000 forum members bridged for comments) this is really coming in handy keeping my server running as fast as it possibly can serving the content up.

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  9. Jamie Administrator

    Thanks for the information, I'm sure that'll be helpful to several members here :)
  10. IcyHot New Member

    Maybe I am lucky but the bridge is working fine for me using W3 Total Cache. I have tried to break it without any luck so far. Running WordPress 3.2.1, xenFORO 1.10, and W3 Total Cache v I guess I will keep my fingers crossed on this one for now and watch it closely
  11. Andy New Member

    This is excellent news if confirmed.
    I have the same configuration. How do you verify that your WP is running with W3TC? I know you can still manage the settings of W3TC but you need to turn on debug info and look for it.

    Do you use CDN feature in W3TC? Can you give me a link to your site so I can check a look?
  12. Jamie Administrator

    That was where I got to as well, the settings work okay but no actual caching is performed. Still, would be very good news if it does work here.
  13. Andy New Member

    Did you upgrade this site to 1.1.0? The email notification does not use the body post that is available in the latest XF version.
  14. Jamie Administrator

    Haven't done yet, no. This site will be upgraded to 1.1 in due course =)
  15. Damien New Member

    I'd like to point out that it doesn't work, even if it did cache (depending what cache plugin you try), because of the cookie issue/s, the same cached page will be displayed to all users, including unregistered guests.
  16. Damien New Member

    I actually have a test forum up now for some changes I plan making so I might give the caching plugins another round of testing, and I'll post my results here. If W3TC works I'll be adding it lol.
  17. cloferba Member

    Could you please share your configuration of DB Cache Reloaded fix?
  18. Damien New Member

    It seems to be pretty self explanatory after activating it.


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  19. cloferba Member

    I was refering to the expire minutes :p

    However, thanks ;)
  20. Damien New Member

    that will cache stuff like wp-postviews counts for example, so every 5 minutes your count will update :)

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