Any news on the W3 Total Cache compatibility?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by tikijj, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. tikijj New Member

    Hello. I'm holding on the purchase of Xenforo until your bridge's W3 Total Cache compatibility is fixed, do you have any news on that? I know the DB Cache Reloaded Fix is compatible with this bridge, but that particular plugin is no longer supported, in fact, it hasn't been supported for months. There's also security issues with that Cache plugin, so I much rather not that touch that. Thanks.
  2. What security issues do you know about with DB Cache Reloaded Fix ?
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  3. Jamie Administrator


    I'm afraid there is no news on W3 Total Cache at the moment. I have spoken briefly to the author of W3 Total Cache but didn't get too far, partly because other issues came up that needed more urgently resolving at the time. I'm sorry about that.

  4. Damien New Member

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  5. tikijj New Member

    Thanks for the response everyone. I've been doing a lot of reading on several forum software and I think I must have mixed up some information with DB Cache Reloaded Fix and thought the plugin was a security hazard. Anyways, sorry about that.

    My website averages 10k visitors per day, how does DB Cache Reloaded Fix fare compared to W3 Total cache? My website is image heavy and it runs on a VPS, but with W3 I never had any problem even on some days when I get 30k visitors.

    Also, another thing I would like to ask is, does this bridge create users both in wordpress and in xenforo or does it ignore wordpress completely? I know the log in is handled by xenforo so I'm thinking the user database is no longer created on wordpress once the you enable the bridge.

    Sorry, I actually have one more question. I think I read up on it here and someone said installing DB Cache Reloaded Fix was a real pain in the rear. Is it really that tough to install it?

    Thanks again.
  6. Correct. Users are no longer created in Wordpress.
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  7. tikijj New Member

    Thanks Digital Doctor. Do you know anything about the installation of DB Cache Reloaded Fix and its performance? I read a thread on this forum about it being a pain in the ass to install and configure. What about performance? Is it at par with W3? Better? Worse? Thanks and sorry for all the questions, but I can't drop $200 on a forum and a bridge until I'm sure this will work for me.
  8. Damien New Member

    The cache plugin setup procedure is "turn it on". You do get a noticeable performance increase caching some of the queries. w3 is better as it does the above and more imo, but still, the dbcache in no slouch. APC/opcode caches can be a pain in the ass to configure on the server side of things, you may have that type of cache mixed up with this one. That kind of cache is the one that will help your server as a whole. Most wordpress configuration consists of file edits and multiple selections in options settings so it's fairly easy to configure it.
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  9. tikijj New Member

    Thanks so much for all the help everyone, but I got 3 more questions for ya.

    What happens to existing users on my Wordpress blog once the bridge is activated? Do they get created automatically on Xenforo?

    What if I want to use the same admin username I am using now on my Wordpress blog for my blog and the forum? Do I have to input the username of the admin during the Xenforo installation the same as my Wordpress admin and use the same password? Would that do the trick?

    Lastly, I know the Xenforo avatars can be displayed on Wordpress, but can the forum stats be displayed when you click on the avatar like on this forum? If not, are there plans to include such feature.

    Thanks, I promise these are my last questions before I can make the decision to purchase Xenforo and this bridge.
  10. Jamie Administrator

    Answers in bold - thanks for your interest :)
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  11. tikijj New Member

    I think I understood this completely wrong. The W3 Total Cache works fine with Wordpress even after the bridge is activated, but it isn't functional for Xenforo, am I right? So far I was thinking that the bridge causes the W3 to stop working for Wordpress, but after reading up some more, I'm thinking I got that wrong. Quite simply the W3 does not work for Xenforo and it works fine with Wordpress even after the bridge is activated. It's almost embarrassing to ask this question, but am I understanding this correctly?
  12. I think you were right the first time.
    read that thread.
    Damien is the one that knows the most about this.
    Read his threads.
    If performance is a key thing for you he's *VERY* good at optimizing server usage.
    I remember he said the best performance gain was making a good Wordpress template.

    If my site was so popular I needed Wordpress performance help, he'd be they guy I'd pay to optimize my server.
    Note: I don't think he's looking for work. I certainly haven't asked him. :)
  13. Damien New Member

    the things I noticed with the caching plugins are either they do not work at all, or they cache the same page for all users, so, my users see "logged in as Damien" in the comments, or if a guest cached the page first, my members see "you must be logged in to comment". So I guess the options for now are either database cache plugins and/or just having a well running server with caching done there, APC etc, using fastcgi php, nginx, reduce your theme queries - whatever it takes to get the best bang for your buck and make your server run at its best anyway.
  14. Damien New Member

    would this be using anything that can be applied here?
  15. bambua New Member

    It takes some work on the theme but you can pull this off.
  16. Peter Member

    Is there any news with this ?

    I am about to buy and I use W3TC, so I want to confirm this works fine.

  17. Peter Member

    Thanks DD.

    Any news now ?
    It have been months since the W3TC was going to be tested and confirmed to work, so 7 months of testing and make it work I think its too much.
    Any progress ? I am just waiting for this to buy.

  18. What's the plan Jamie ? Too tough ?
  19. Jamie Administrator

    It's certainly a challenge =( It is something that I would like to crack, but ideally I need to find someone with experience developing with the W3TC plugin to get some idea of how to work around it.

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